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- YoungWook Cha*, ChoonHee Kim

- International Journal of Smart Home, Vol.9, No.2, 2015년 2월

- Abstract

  It is required to implement an integrated management as to the configuration, failure and power in order to stop the service of devices installed CCTV sites and minimize the on-site dispatch of maintenance staffs. This thesis defined RESTful web service based R4CSM-API (RESTful web service for CCTV Site Management-API) instead of SNMP that had some limitations for the purpose of implementing an integrated management of CCTV sites. In this thesis, the performance analysis was conducted using Emulab environment of KISTI as to the main functions of CCTV site integrated management. Also, an effective CT4CS (Control Tower for CCTV Sites) was designed and implemented for an integrated management of large-scale CCTV sites by utilizing the performance analysis results. Moreover, we validated the R4CSM-API that would be conducted at CT4CS by utilizing RESTClient that is an experimental tool of RESTful web service.

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